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The idea of bringing Hungarian and European artwork into the UK came when I visited a gallery in Budapest, Hungary where I purchased a painting. This opened my eyes that Hungary has a vibrant, exciting and talented art scene and these emerging and established artists should be given an opportunity to be shown to a wider audience. At the beginning I started with 2 artists but since then our team has grown and growing all the time. Artists coming to me being interested in this opportunity showing their artwork in the UK too. These artists are known in their close and wider community , regularly exhibiting in their own country, Our aim is to find and promote new Hungarian and European artists and their artwork in the UK.

Please look at our Gallery and discover yourself!

Artist Representative



I was born in 1985 in Budapest, Hungary. I have been drawing since I was a child but I have only been painting since 2013. I had my first exhibition in 2014. My work can be found in many galleries in Hungary. In my paintings I use oil paints , with a back erasing technique. My themes are usually the Hungarian landscape in a unique world of fantasy.


I was born and grown up in Budapest.
I graduated in international trade relations in 1982 and started to work as a trade representative in an export import company. I travelled to many countries on business and also privately all over the world.
I have two children, a boy born in 1991, and a girl born in 1995.
In 1998 I started to draw and paint as a hobby in the Buda Drawing School, where I was trained and I could developed my amateur enthusiasm. We were specialized on portrait and landscape drawing and oil painting and charcoal study drawing of models. Read more ...


• 2009-2016: Doctorate in Fine Arts, University of Pécs, Faculty of Musik and Visual Art, Pécs, Hungary
• 1994-1999: MFA, University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, Pécs, Hungary
• 1998: Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Germany

• 2016: Third prize, The International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
• 2014: The Culture of Debrecen Award
• 2012: NKA (National Cultural Fund) Support (Síkhegy Group) Read more ...



I was born in 1981 in Budapest, Hungary.

My qualification is clothing technician -fashion designer.

I have been drawing and painting since my childhood, but I have only taken painting seriously in the recent 3-4 years. Painting is for making myself happy and express my feelings. I learned it all by myself then I joined an art club lead by painter Kálmán Gasztonyi. I inherited my talent from my mother and grandfather. My mother designs and makes tablecloth and sews clothes. She is very good with her hands and she has a good sense of beauty. My grandfather made welded wooden statues so maybe thats where my love for trees is originated from. Read more ...

Nikoletta KIRALY

I was born in Debrecen in 1978 and moved near the Balaton with my family when I was little. During the Grammar School I became an art pupil of Dokus Eors artist who set me off on the way of oil painting. I have been working on my own for the last 15 years. I mainly paint street paintings, landscapes, I would like to bring back the smile on the faces of people. I have had exhibitions in Hungary in Budapest, Heviz, Keszthely, Szekesfehervar, Sotjor. and in many other cities. I am living in Heviz and I take part in many artist gatherings. I favour Plain-air style paintings.

Roland SZABO

(Debrecen , Hungary 27/12/1980)

Since my childhood I have been interested in drawing, I was always touched by forms and colours. Admiringly I turned towards the phenomena of nature hunting for forms and amusing myself embody them with my fantasy.

I finished College in an art faculty but didn’t get any closer to the nitty-gritty of art only the spiritual seeds seeped into my brain and soul. Read more ...


A fable about a man who started his life all over again at an age of 40 because he took a chance.

Nowadays Zoltan Jancso is a successful gallery manager and an artist to whom family traumas and a Mexican dream journey were his fuse.

Zoltan has a happy, easy going personality who isn’t in a treadmill. 

In the past he was a butcher,chef,taxi driver,poker card-dealer, but he found his true profession at the age of 30. Read more ...


Since I remember I always wanted to be an artist however my family’s financial state couldn’t make it happen.

My favourite past times were hiking, drawing and painting.
So I took my inspirations and the topics for my artwork from nature.
I was always drawn to the living , the mystique of life.
Immersion in the details ,organic shapes, patterns, natural forces and observing their features, investigating the mystics. Read more ...



I was born in 1976 in Koszeg,Hungary where I live and work.I started to draw and paint 25 years ago as a self-taught artist. I work with oil paint. I do commission paintings mainly, to make my living, I also try to find the unknown on the canvas,and try to grab the incomprehensible.Very hard to define my style.After many years of experimenting took shape this dreamy, blurred effect which are the characteristics of my paintings. I call them figurative-realistic paintings. I am really grateful for my clients my fans. They keep me going so I can concentrate on painting. My aim is to amaze my audience and bring glory with my paintings to my country.

Lorand SIPOS

My ars poetics: ,,I see it so, that our age, very much showed what should do, very much said, very material and very noisy. For what I am looking in my environment and my works show what should do, that unsaid one, the quiet one, the mysterious one, the mystic.’ Member of The Association of Hungarian Fine Artists. I’m graduated in the Academy of Fine Arts Budapest. In my works I try to portray the atmosphere around me in this new century. In our Complex world I need to find an artistic language what can translate my vision of the mingling of cultures and emotions. For me, painting is a way of living, of expressing myself and my opinions, and I never cease to question and judge it. Read more ...

Marica TOTH

Born: 1990, Budapest
Visual artist based in Budapest.
2018 – / Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Fine Art Teacher (HU)

2013 – 2018 / Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Painting (HU)
2016 / Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata (IT)
Scholarships and Prizes:
2018 – Scholarship of the Iuventus Art Foundation
2017 – Janne Boros prize
2017 – Ari S. Kupsus Gallery prize
2016 – Erasmus scholarship, Macerata, Italy Read more ...


Timea Hadar was born in a small village near a town called Munkács in Ukrain, in Transcarpathia. Her first profession, which is rather her devotion – is teaching. She got her degree in teaching in the „Teaching School of Munkács”, which quickly became a very important part of her life. It was there, where she discovered, that she loved painting, Artworks and all other kind of Fine Arts.
Because officially art teachers are extremely rare in Transcarpathia at first, she offered teaching in her home village – in the School of Csongor. After a few years, she got her degree in the area of Fine Arts at the University for Hungarian Nationalities of the Carpathians. After getting her second degree – her interest in painting got stronger, and soon she started making her own paintings. Read more ...

Andrei MEZEI

My name is Andrei Mezei , I was born in 1968 I Belenyes in a small town near Nagyvarad (Oradea) in Transylvania.

I have been drawing since I was a child and I started to paint encouraged by my uncle who liked to paint mainly landscapes in his free time. He sometimes let me use up the paints on his palette . When I think about those days I remember the smell of the oil,which I still love because it reminds me of the carefree childhood. Read more ...


I’m 43 years old, I have been drawing and painting landscapes since I was a child. I try to capture and pass on experiences and atmospheres. I love how paintings can trigger and recall hidden memories and tap into our emotions and our unconscious mind. Typically, I paint untouched, uninhabited, sometimes wild, sometimes ethereal landscapes. I try to show how nature is the last true opportunity of freedom. Nameless landscapes of no specific time reminding us how we’re all connected, how we’re all one.


Artist, graphic designer, folk artist

I was born in Pecs,Hungary on the 6th of April 1960.

I got the foundation of my professional training at a visual artist camp in Paks,Hungary lead by Ferenc Lantos and Karoly Halasz.In 1990 I earned a membership into the Young Artists’ Studio.

Since 1994 I am a member of the Hungarian Artists National Association. In 2002 I also earned a membership into the Hungarian Graphic Artists Association.  Read more ...

Norbert DAVID


I was born in a small place in Nova, Hungary in 1970. My love and gift for art showed at an early age. When I was 8 years old, I did figurative, eventful drawings in large scales. When I was a child, I won a lot of drawing competitions. My first art teachers were Ottokar Szentes and Mikos Telkes and with their professionalism they opened new doors for me. In 1984 -against my teachers wishes to follow the artist path-I went to military secondary school because of my passion for kyokushin karate where next to the everyday discipline I self-taught myself in the field of art. Read more ...



Taras Tabaka was born in 1965 in Uzhgorod, Ukraine (the former Soviet Union.)

His studios are located in Uzhgorod, Ukraine; Budapest, Hungary; Essen, Germany and Long Island, New York. He dedicated his life to art. Outside of art he leads a closed way of living. Existentialist that follows the lead of gestalt.

Artist Statement

«You don’t intrude into an illusion; you are a part of it …»

-John Fowles-  Read more ...

Gyorgyi PINTER


In childhood everything gets decided, the greatest dreams born too, but then in adulthood time washes them away, they fade.

However, destiny gave a brush in my hands in 2000. I grabbed it, and I couldn’t, didn’t even want to put it down. It greatly changed my life and my relation to the world.

In 1985 after I finished my A levels I worked as a shop window arranger. I got to know painting here. I started going down on that path, I wanted to paint. Read more ...



Inna Davidovich is an artist, lives and creates in Israel. Inna is primarily specializing in watercolour painting. Her works are usually performed in a figurative lyric style with a touch of fantasy and surrealism. Inna is the representative of IWS (International Watercolor Society) in Israel, a member of Israel Association of Illustrators and an active member of Kfar-Saba Artists Association. Her works reside in many private collections in Israel and abroad. Read more ...



Nikita Afanasyev was born in Moscow in 1991. In 2010 – 2010 he studied at the Moscow State Academic Art School. In 2018 he graduated from the Moscow University of Graphics and Art books named after V. A. Favorsky. The artist lives and works in Moscow. Read more ...



Piter Ilitzky was born in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine. He graduated from an art school and from the faculty of Interior design in the Art and Design Academy in Kharkiv, Ukraine. After completing his education, Piter worked as an interior designer and taught in a design college. Since 1990 Peter lives in Nesher (Israel). He is proficient with different painting techniques, such as oil, watercolour and graphics. Now he works as a glass designer. He participated in several exhibitions in Russia and Israel. Piter’s works can be found in private collections in USA, Great Britain, Italy and Greece. 



I have taught art for over 40 years, in schools and to college students. My artwork can be seen on line at Lancashire Landscape Art and in galleries in the north and Brighton.

Acrylics is my medium of choice. My work is landscape based. I revel in the physical manipulation of the paint and experimenting with unusual techniques to gain evocative effects. Implicit in each painting is the use of light, colour, depth and movement. Read more ...



Tatiana Ilitzky was born in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine. She graduated from an art school and from the faculty of Industrial design in the Art and Design Academy in Kharkiv, Ukraine. After completing his education, Tatyana worked as an interior designer and taught in a design college. Since 1990 Tatiana lives in Nesher (Israel) and works as a Graphic designer of newspaper. She is proficient with different painting techniques, such as oil, watercolour and graphics. She participated in several exhibitions in Russia and Israel. Tatyana’s works can be found in private collections in USA, Great Britain.

Vsevolod BOYTSOV


The artist was born in 1988.


Moscow State Academic Art College (2003-2008);

Moscow State Academic Art Institute name of V.I. Surikov, the course: Workshop Easel Graphics (2008-2015). Read more ...


Vsevolod SAPLIN


Vsevolod Saplin was born in Moscow in 1987. In 2010 he graduated from Moscow State Academic Art College named after 1905. From that moment on he has been working with oil painting and he creates incredibly pastose, expressive and emotional canvases. Vsevolod mainly works in solitude choosing for his work Godforsaken rural corners and he seldom has any contacts with art publicity. Read more ...



The works of a young artist who is also recognized as a furniture designer in Zenta, represent the most modern abstract trend. His geometric images of motion phases almost take the viewer with them.

He learned to paint from his father, Mátyás Balla. He is really interested in the rhythm of the urban space. He expresses himself with minimalism and constructivist rendering using colours and lights. The characteristics of his paintings are the images of dynamic geometry.



He was born in 1963 in Tashkent, in the capital of Uzbekistan. He studied at the Rjepin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. Among his masters, we must mention the internationally highly respected Mojsenko and Vitrugaysky.

Between 1991 and 1993 he completed a course at the London Academy of Fine Arts. He moved to Hungary in 1993. Since 2004 he has been a member of the National Association of Hungarian Creative Artists.

In a short time, he became very popular with both the public and the professionals. He paints with oil; the excellent colourist paints the magical landscapes and lives of his homeland.

Angela SUTO


Angéla Sütő is a Hungarian artist. She was studying in a private art school in Hungary. She is painting cityscapes mostly, with oil. Her paintings can be found in many collections in all around the world.

She is working with art galleries based in New Jersey and Vienna too.

” My goal is to show people that the cities are not just hell on Earth, every city is beautiful in its own way. We can find this beauty in the rhythm of the traffic or in the play of shadow and light in the street.”



He was born in Vojvodina but has lived in Hungary for many years. With his images, he is considered one of the most prominent guardians who is keeping the traditions of impressionism.

His regular theme is the river Tisza, and since he makes a living from painting, the buyers often ask him for this motif.  

Mihaly BUDAI


He was born in 1953 in Torokbecse in Yugoslavia.

He finished the teacher training college in Becskerek. In 1975 he moved to Zenta and in the early 1980s he joined the Zenta Fine Arts Group. He is a founding member of the art-90 painting group in Zenta.

He relocated to Hungary in 1994. He works as a teacher. So far, he has had several independent exhibitions, his pictures reaching the USA, Sweden, Germany, and Austria.

In his paintings elements of surrealism, hyperrealism, symbolism, and art nouveau are combined, creating a new unity and quality.

Read more ...


Peter Avraham RUBINT


The Artist of the Moments 

In his art all at once his innermost passion, the wild storms of human duality and the settling down of silent meditation could be found.

In his master handling artwork he owns a range from miniature paintings to the size of several meters.

His walk of life is novelistic.

Read more ...




She was born in Csongrád in 1978.

Renata is an art and visual communication teacher.

Her favourite topics include landscape painting. She strives to capture the emotional motifs that affect the inner values of the landscape, whether its day or night, close or far away. A painting is a mirror for her where she wants to find herself. Her techniques include pastel, oil, acrylic and collage. With her paintings, he strives to discover not only the landscape ,the nature, but also the emotional charge she felt when she saw and painted that landscape, and then explore her own experiences with the help of searching in her own memories.



Artist Robert Braginsky was born in 1987 in Mukachevo, Ukraine. He graduated from art school in Mukachevo.

He studied at the College of Fine Arts in Uzhgorod and in the Transcarpathian Art Institute.
Nowdays he is an art club “Palette-Spectrum”.

The main direction of his paintings is landscapes.

 Read more ...


Vladimir BLAZAN


The artist was born in Ungar on the 29th of May 1956. He went to the School of Fine Arts secondary school which he finished in 1975. After this he worked as an artist for the Ukrainian Art fund.

His aim is to explore the combination of signs and signal systems that define the mystery of life and existence in visual terms, using new experimental techniques that incorporate the subtle transparency of classical forms into a contemporary-style creation. With his avant-garde paintings, he gained international acclaim. His works can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, Brazil, Israel, Germany, the Czech Republic, as well as in public collections in Hungary and Ukraine (Kecskemét Gallery, Ungvár Gallery, Kiev Ministry of Culture).

He met the hive stones in the art camp of Tileváralja. The speciality, excitement and mystery of these stones inspired him.

Gyorgyi BORS


In my creative work I rarely use live image, photo, or sketch.

I like my paintings to be about a feeling, a thought, an impression, a human trait. I express my opinion on the ups and downs of universal human existence.

I tried some techniques and materials, but the oil painting is what I like best.

I try to elevate experiences, feelings and thoughts to a universal level with the tools of painting, which almost all of us know or have already experienced in some form.

I sent my works to national and international competitions with positive, appreciative feedback.

The style of my paintings runs on two threads, geometric and lyrical abstract, with surrealistic features here and there, which sometimes unite in my art.


Don’t Speak


My name is Don’t Speak. I don’t need to tell you who I am.

Through my pictures, I present the woman inside me, who has strong ,independent, leadership skills.

And the kind of pictures that come out of me, they are me. And through them, the submission within me is expressed, as well as the dominance to life.

Subordination is one of the most common sex fantasies, especially amongst dominant, strong women who hold a high position or have a job with big responsibilities. Rape fantasy is not uncommon either, which of course does not mean that someone really wants it . Rather it suggests that you want to finally hand over the leadership to someone else.

When a woman can give up control and delegate responsibility, it can mean relief and release from the routine, where she must always initiate and direct.




Bela Balog lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. He considers himself primarily as a digital artist of deconstructivism and futurism.  He mixes a lot of architectural elements into his digital works. These create a sense of chaotic structure, increasing the dynamism of the work. What also draws the audience to decipher these images are the recognizable figures are silhouettes. In the future, he wants to follow this imagined path and create more new series in the same style.

There is a strong visual language throughout the whole artworks that allows these pieces to be read as a timeline. Within each individual work there are multiple scenes layered into each other and showcase a passage of time that is expanded upon as we look throughout the entire series. Each piece feels like we are looking around an environment that is active and lively. When looked at together, we begin to see a more complete experience of life from the views inside and outside an environment. Interestingly a lot of the architectural elements are very reminiscent of work of deconstructivism and futurism.

 Read more ...




I was born in Budapest in 1954. I think I could have brought some kind of artistic heritage from somewhere a long time ago, which can now be traced through my children and grandchildren.

I went to a music elementary school, where my drawing teacher was Zoltán Ábrán, a painter. I could learn very good basics from him,  even though i haven’t become aware of these things back then

When my grandchildren were born 20 years ago, I started drawing again, for their sake. Since the firstborn decided at 3 years old to become a graphic artist, I tried to keep up with her in the drawing. For this, however, I needed to take drawing more seriously.

My first adulthood teacher was Vanda Huminilowicz, who developed my drawing skills, creativity, and the knowledge of different techniques. I still come back to her today, for help and guidance.

 Read more ...


ldiko SZUCS


My name is Mrs. Ildiko Szucs, née Volgyesi. I am a painter from Budapest, Hungary.

 I have continuously mastered the skills of using chalk pastels, graphite and coloured pencils, and professional portrait making from Peter Valentin, acrylic painting from Andrea Dorogi, oil painting from the master Kalman Gasztonyi, as well as the techique of aquarell from Judit Takacs. Recently I gained my master diploma in Special Method Version from Veronika M. Simon.

I am a member of MANE (International Association of Hungarian Creators)

 Many of my works have been selected for various art exhibition and appeared in several books or magazines. Winning an art competition has opened doors and since then I had numerous solo art show.

 I have fallen in love with the world of pencils and paints, and my life literally changed: I am full of the joy of creation and I can share this with my family, friends, and people around me. Depending on my mood and the subject I reach out for graphite, coloured pencils and paper or take out a canvas and a paintbrush.

Krisztina LORINCZ


I was born in Budapest in 1972. From a young age my family moved around a lot, I went to many schools, but music and drawing were sure points in my life.

I studied several instruments and graduated from the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest.

I did theology and mental health, I played in orchestras for a long time, and in the meantime, I persistently drew and copied the works of great masters.

Since the autumn of 2016 I have been going to the Zsilip Art School, where I found a great art teacher in the person of Kálmán Gasztonyi.

In his courses I could learn the basics of acrylic and oil painting, and since then I can continuously develop and learn alongside him.

Organized by the Zsilip Art Center in Hungary, in 2019 two of my pictures participated in a group exhibition at the Zugló Civil House through a competition, one of which won a silver award.

 Read more ...




Zsuzsa wanted to be an artist since she was a child.

Although life took her elsewhere, over the years she visited several fine arts circles. Constantly trained herself mainly in the fields of drawing, design, and colour. Zsuzsa has illustrated several books. She works as a graphic designer.

Zsuzsa began painting more seriously 12 years ago in as a self-taught artist.

She first used acrylics but always wanted to learn from a good artist how to use oils.  This is how a well-known artist Kálmán Gasztonyi found Zsuzsa 3 years ago. From him Zsuzsa learned the classic oil-stressing techniques and visions.

She likes to depict people, animals, life situations. Her paintings have both modern and classical features.




Hungarian Artist UK Representative


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